the arts society training

A brief description of the courses offered, together with the dates, are listed below. Unless otherwise specified these courses are held at The Arts Society House, Guilford Street, London. For more details or to book a course, email

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Getting to Know the Arts Society

Aimed at new or potential committee members (although experienced ones are more than welcome) this day gives some background to The Arts Society, its history and how it works plus covering the resources available to help with committee roles and basic Society administration.

3 April 2019 (Church House,Guildford. Contact
18 April 2019
5 September 2019

WESSEX Church Recorders Day

Aimed at all those interested or involved with Church Recording, this day will include presentations and smaller working groups.
28 March 2019 at Digby Hall, Sherborne, Dorset
For further details or to book email

Heritage Volunteer Rep Information and Support Day

For anyone interested in becoming their Society’s HV Rep

2 July 2019

Committee Recruitment Day

So many Societies say they have difficulties recruiting volunteers, particularly for Committee succession, but also when trying to get volunteering projects off the ground. This course focuses on where to look for more volunteers and supporters, how to attract them and encourage them to get involved, and how to build a bank of volunteer resources. It is primarily aimed at Chairmen and Vice Chairmen, but would be of interest to anyone trying to motivate more people to participate in running a Society.

19 February 2019
25 June 2019
12 November 2019

Programme Planners

Programme planners are vital to any committee and their role is at the heart of their Society. This day is designed to equip Programme Planners with the tools they need to ensure they are able to be as effective in their role as possible whether they are booking lecturers, organising a study day or organising a visit. All aspects of the process with be covered, from the creative to the logistical, including information on finance, marketing and the help available from The Arts Society House.

21 March 2019
30 April 2019 (Sarum College, Salisbury)
5 June 2019
13 November 2019


Lead by The Arts Society's Finance Director, this is a day of stimulating discussion on financial issues for Treasurers, including legal updates and guidance. It offers particularly useful insight to anyone considering taking on the Treasurer role.


4 July 2019
5 December 2019

Spreadsheets for Beginners

29 March 2019 in Godalming, Surrey.

For further details or to book, email

Mailchimp for Beginners

MailChimp is a quick, flexible, effective – and free! – way of communicating with your membership. No more postage stamps! More than that, it is a safe and efficient way of sharing the latest Society news and generating publicity. We will learn to set up an account, create a database of members email addresses, create an email e-newsletter and show you how to send out a mailing, as well as looking at alternative free emailing services and the Data Protection Act implications for Societies.

Please note that attendees are encouraged to bring laptops to use on the day. MailChimp does not work well on tablets or iPads

2 April 2019
30 May 2019
10 September 2019
7 November 2019

Mailchimp Forum

For members who have been using Mailchimp for some time, bring your own questions and queries and share experiences and ideas!

2 May 2019
2 October 2019

Induction for Society Chairmen

Two days full of well-paced content to help you in your new and exciting role as Chairman. The evening will be spent networking with colleagues from around the country over dinner. After dinner you will have the opportunity to hear a ‘New to The Arts Society’ Lecturer!

26-27 March 2019
11-12 June 2019
18-19 July 2019
16-17 September 2019
20-21 November 2019

Society Chairman's Forum

For Society Chairmen, bring your own questions and queries and share experiences and ideas!

7 March 2019

Confident Speaking

The prospect of speaking in public can hold terrors for anyone. We help you build up skills, confidence and effectiveness when addressing an audience. These days are fun and informal and as group sizes are kept small everyone gets the opportunity to participate fully. NB: No recording involved!

3 September 2019